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Case study

Making a difference

D has an intellectual disability and lives in a group home in Perth. He has had no contact from family members for many years. D needs a guardian to consent to medical treatment on his behalf.

A Community Guardianship Program volunteer was introduced to D and his carers in March 2007. Since then, the volunteer has been visiting D fortnightly at his home and occasionally in the community with carers where D enjoys gardening and going out for coffee.

The volunteer has taken time to get to know D and his carers, while keeping in regular contact with the Community Guardianship Program Co-ordinator at the Office of the Public Advocate. D seems to enjoy the volunteer's visits and when asked his opinion about him he smiles and says he likes him.

A meeting was held with D's carers to review the match between D and the volunteer. There was a consensus that the match was progressing well and that it was appropriate for the Public Advocate to lodge an application with the State Administrative Tribunal for the volunteer to be appointed as D's guardian.

The volunteer wrote a letter to the Tribunal outlining the reasons he was suitable and willing to be appointed as D's guardian and the Public Advocate lodged a detailed report as well.

A three-member Tribunal heard the application and determined that the guardianship order appointing the Public Advocate be revoked and that a new order appointing the volunteer to make medical treatment decisions for D for 12 months be made.

* Note: Names and details have been changed to protect confidentiality.

Last updated: 11-Sep-2015

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